About Hybrid Factor

Hybrid Factor Sdn. Bhd. was incorporated in 2008 and is a 100% Bumiputra controlled company. The company is formed primarily to support and actively participate in our present Government’s call in National Development Policy to focus on employment and rapid development of an effective Bumiputra Commercial and Industrial Community (BCIC).

Hybrid Factor Sdn. Bhd runs a business with its core activity focusing on ENTREPRENEUR PROGRAMME’. Hybrid Factor Sdn. Bhd has directly engaged staffs competent in their respective discipline and also engaged services of well and efficient sub-contractor to carry out some of its activities. Hybrid Factor Sdn. Bhd has a huge plan in marketing the products and we are planning to establish our network to the whole nation and world wide.

Our Expectation

  • To acquire business acumen and be a skilled Bumiputra entrepreneur in light of the Government aspiration; “ …what Malaysia wants really is not 30% of the wealth of this country for Bumiputra but 30% of Malaysian Managers and Entrepreneurs to be highly skilled and ethical Bumiputra”.
  • To capture the Bumiputras’ market opportunities especially in business, construction and service industries through ‘Kamarika Knowledge Technology’
  • To apply and secure part of the massive Bumiputra entrepreneur funds which presently are under utilized due to lack of able applicants.
  • To actively involve in contract works under Government’s 9th Malaysia plans as described in the approved Outline Perspective Plan by the Cabinet.
  • To constantly conduct market research and development in our field of expertise so as to stay in the forefront of specialist in the service.
  • To perform our business activities systematically which strive to ensure optimum benefits with a saving of time and money.

Our Objectives

  • To make sure our entrepreneurs have the Desire For Excellence, to succeed and benefit.
  • To establish a Lifelong Learning system through our ABCD(Asset Based Community Development) concept for our entrepreneurs.

To develop a fair, interesting and profitable system which can motivate and help our entrepreneurs to achieve the targets, with a new concept of LIFELONG LEARNING & EARNING’.